Clay Hendrix

Bobby Johnson Head Football Coach

Phone: 864-294-2120

Brian Bratton

Wide Receivers / Special Teams Coordinator

Phone: 864-294-3446

Dru Duke

Tight Ends

Phone: 864-294-3450

Ken Lamendola

Inside Linebackers / Recruiting Coordinator

Phone: 864-294-3457

Peter Lusk

Run Game Coordinator / Offensive Line

Phone: 864-294-2989

Josh Miller

Defensive Line

Phone: 864-294-3452

Rod Ojong


Phone: 864-294-3447

George Quarles

Associate Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks

Phone: 864-294-2211

David Sims

Running Backs

Phone: 864-294-2773

Duane Vaughn

Defensive Coordinator / Outside Linebackers

Phone: 864-294-2774

Corico Wright


Phone: 864--294-3451

T.J. Hall

Director of Football Operations

Phone: 864-294-2772

Gannon Veh

Video Coordinator / Assistant Director of Football Operations

Phone: 864-294-2122

Daniel Assey

Director of Football Equipment and Facilities

Phone: 864-294-2131

Arthur Heuzard

Assistant Equipment Manager

Stewart Hunt

Quality Control Assistant/Offense

Hampton Smith

Quality Control Assistant/Defense

Tracey Hendricks

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 864-294-2120